Environmental counselling and opportunities for participation

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tuikkukuoria6. Environmental counselling and opportunities for participation

As in previous years, the residents in the Lahti region in 2015 had the opportunity to ask for advice about environmental issues and get an environmental counsellor to lecture about waste management or energy saving, for instance. The Environmental Services’ environmental counsellor was also available on weekdays in the Lahti INFO at the Trio shopping centre. Events and showcase exhibitions were organized at the shopping centre and people were invited to discuss environmental issues. The environmental counselling car “Kaisla” was often spotted at markets and fairs. The Environmental Counselling was also active in the social networks. The Environmental Counselling had 11,275 customer contacts during the year at various events and occasions, such as markets and fairs, talkoot, the Eco-Village during the Environmental Week, and various counselling events organized for adult groups. Advice was also given by telephone and email.

Teachers and education professionals working with children and young people were offered training that supports environmental education. Children and young people were encountered in classes, school and kindergarten theme days and various events for children and families. In its bid to provide environmental education, the Environmental Counselling reached 3,197 children and young people.

Residents can borrow a wide range of environmental education equipment and material such as tools for teaching mathematics outdoors, bug science kits, aquatic ecosystem exploration kits, binoculars and nets from the Environmental Counselling. Residents can also borrow a thermal camera from the Environmental Counselling in order to find out whether there are energy leaks in their houses. As in previous years, the thermal cameras have been very popular. The Environmental Counselling also lends out a special box bike called “Pyöriäinen” to provide an ecological way of transporting goods. The environmental counsellor, riding on the “Pyöriäinen”, also visited various events in Lahti.

In 2015, Päijät-Häme Waste Disposal Ltd. once again participated in the national Tuikku Hunt, organized for collecting empty aluminium tealight cups. In the Päijät-Häme province, 78 classes and 1,464 pupils took part in the Tuikku Hunt and collected a total of 811,465 empty tealight cups.


Number of environmental advice-related resident events

Number of events53615241577579678992114180178179102

Number of children reached by the Environmental Counselling

Reached children275018515972369272826612049253621193941265236023197


Number of environmental advice-related events for children

Events for children136117

Number of events for residents related to land use planning



Satisfaction percentage in resident questionnaires, Technical Services

Satisfactory %72,3706152416867676868666765697171


Future challenges related to environmental counselling and opportunities for participation:

• Raising environmental awareness and working for the climate.
• Education and training for the staff, and new electronic means of participation.
• Opening up public information.
• Encouraging residents’ participation in environmental activities in their neighbourhoods.



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