Municipalities’ joint environmental policy

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Municipalities' joint environmental policy

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A joint environmental policy unanimously approved by the Councils of Hollola, Lahti and Nastola, has been in force since 2012. The main objectives of the environmental policy have been as follows:
1. To plan for climate change-induced risks and changes, to improve energy and material efficiency, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
2. To protect the quality of life in residential environments.
3. To protect and promote biodiversity and the cultural environment.
4. To safeguard the quality and quantity of groundwater.
5. To actively improve the water quality in waterways and safeguard both their recreational and natural value.
6. To allocate resources for the distribution of up-to-date environmental information and to increase the opportunities for residents and businesses to act for the good of their environment.

In order to achieve these environmental objectives, the following principles should be upheld:
• The municipalities of Hollola, Lahti and Nastola work in partnership with residents, businesses, organizations and other stakeholders for the good of their common environment.
• Business activities are taken into account in decision-making and operations with increased cooperation between city/municipal entities and group companies on environmental issues.
• Awareness of the value of nature and natural resources is increased and prejudices regarding environmental protection are reduced.
• In the Lahti Region Environmental Services the possibilities to enhance ecological sustanable development are reinforced
• The municipal leaders are responsible for the implementation of the joint environmental policy within their own organizations, as well through their roles in the management of group companies.

An additional goal is for all employees and staff representatives to be aware of their own responsibility concerning environmental matters:
• Implementation of the environmental policy will be integrated into the functions of the various municipal units.
• Environmental impacts of decisions are monitored in all levels of decision-making

In order to achieve the objectives of the joint environmental policy, the Lahti Region Environmental Services shall establish and maintain a common environmental management system. This system will support political commitments and allow for the monitoring of policy implementation by taking measures for accountability and tracking of resources in sufficient detail. An annual implementation report on this management system will be presented to the decision-makers. In the future, environmental issues will be reported under the auspices of the development programme, which includes environmental issues.


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