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8. Environmental balance sheet 2017

The financial statements of the City of Lahti for 2017 include a compilation of environmental indicators of the City and the City Corporate Group’s area. Data has been collected from all service sectors and functional balance sheet units for this environmental balance sheet. The City Corporate Group calculation includes among others Lahti Aqua Ltd, Lahti Energy Group, Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd and Lahden Talot Ltd. Environmental expenses for the entire City Group amounted to EUR 39.2 million, and environmental income to EUR 32.7 million.

Environmental expenses refer to expenses incurred with the primary intention of promoting nature conservation, preventing, minimizing or compensating for environmental impact, or promoting the sustainable use of nature resources. In addition to the sections featured here, the City of Lahti Financial Statement document includes reports of various units’ environmental actions and investments.

Out of the environmental expenses for the city organization, the most notable were those incurred by various environmental authorities’ activities as well as expenses incurred by various activities promoting nature conservation. The most notable income was produced by various projects and permit and other fees collected by the authorities.

Environmental investments

Lahti Group invested a total of EUR 14.3 million in the environment in 2017. The table below summarizes the environmental indicators in the financial statements for 2017 with an accuracy of EUR 1,000.



Environmental investments in City of Lahti and Lahti Group 2004-2017

Lahti Group17898000103540007232000936300012312000624560042493400830567005928000252700024497000102332001226290014299300


Investments to Kymijärvi 2 power plant are shown in years 2010 and 2011. In year 2014 investment to Labio biogas plant was made. 





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