Environmental counselling and opportunities for participation

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6. Environmental counselling and opportunities for participation

Earthhour_kuvaJuhaTanhuaThe year 2017 saw collaborative planning on various areas undergoing changes. The collaborative planning events held were multidisciplinary and organized in cooperation between various parties. Participation was supported by online communication, employing map surveys, the Porukka mobile application, social networking services and a blog. There was plenty of interaction relating to the objectives stated in the strategic mobility plan and the strategic Master plan: these objectives included in the Lahti’s Direction project were prepared based on a review of the current situation using different scenarios in large-scale cooperation with various participants. The objectives for a sustainable physical urban environment and movement were drawn up as a single whole with shared success indicators. The City Council approved the stated objectives in January 2018.

A total of 27 events for land use planning were held in 2017. A visible and a highly successful example of such planning in 2017 was the Rakokivi shopping center area. In November, a collaborative planning event was organized together with the New City Collective of young architects. During the New Rakokivi event, over 250 residents of Nastola came in to contribute to the planning of the area’s future. As a result, a planning idea for the Rakokivi square and its surrounding area was brought up.

The construction of the southern ring road affects the Kerinkallio woodland area. To protect the woodland areas and to compensate for changes to the environment, the area was surveyed together with the local residents. People could contribute to the planning during the experience walk organized in the Kerinkallio area and with a map survey. Another relevant theme for 2017 was reviewing the service network for playgrounds. Families with children and people working with children had the opportunity to share their valuable views with a map survey. Playground experts were not forgotten either, and the children’s perspective was brought into the planning by photographing the playgrounds together with the children and by interviewing them.

PHJ and the Lahti Environmental Development unit jointly organized waste management counselling in 2017. Composting courses were also organized in Spring 2017 together with the 4H organization. The Consumer Energy Consultation project offered energy consumption counselling in Päijät-Häme.

Environmental education work was continued in schools and kindergartens, and particular focus was given to making use of the geological sites close to kindergartens in the children’s games and play. Approximately 11,000 people were reached by the environmental counselling events in 2017.


Number of environmental counselling events for residents

Lahti region53615241577579678992114180178179102100101


Number of children reached by the Environmental Counselling

Lahti region27501851597236927282661204925362119394126523602319746604823


Number of environmental counselling events for children

Lahti region136117158207


Number of events for residents related to land use planning



Satisfaction percentage in resident questionnaires, Technical Services




Future challenges related to environmental counselling and opportunities for participation:

• Raising environmental awareness and working for the climate.
• Education and training for the staff, and new electronic means of participation.
• Opening up public information.
• Encouraging residents’ participation in environmental activities in their neighbourhoods.




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