3. Biodiversity and cultural heritage

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3. Biodiversity and cultural heritage

The Kintterö (72 hectares) and Sammalsillansuo (22.8 hectares) nature conservation areas were established in Lahti in 2018. Nature conservation areas and their services were also improved and maintained. Maintenance work was carried out in nearly all of the nature conservation areas. In addition, several biota and LUMO area surveys were carried out and preparations for the establishment of a new nature conservation area began. Nearly all of the areas protected as habitats are small (24 areas, totalling 34.3 hectares).

Hollola has a total of 1,610 hectares of natural conservation areas. The figure does not include Esker Conservation Programme areas and Natura areas, as these partially overlap with other nature conservation areas.


2019 Areas protected under the Environmental Protection Act (ha)



Nastola and Lahti were consolidated in 2016, as well as Hollola and Hämeenkoski


2019 Habitat sites protected under the Environmental Protection Act (ha)



Nastola and Lahti were consolidated in 2016, as well as Hollola and Hämeenkoski

In addition to conservation areas, municipalities have independently established LUMO biodiversity sites. The total area covered by LUMO sites in Lahti increased as a result of the municipal merger to approximately 1,500 hectares. The LUMO biodiversity sites partially overlap with the other nature conservation areas.

The prevention of invasive alien species is an important part of forest and park management as well as resident activities. Climate change will make the prevention and its resourcing even more important.


2019 Areas protected under regulations, percentage of the municipal area (%)



Nastola and Lahti were consolidated in 2016, as well as Hollola and Hämeenkoski


2019 Number of protected buildings, Lahti

Protected buildings3566185899293109281288295302300350385390
Lots protected by city planning regulations92895096196496696798110081011102710231027124712691294


Nastola and Lahti were consolidated in 2016, as well as Hollola and Hämeenkoski


2019 Traditional landscapes (ha)



Future plans and challenges
Better signposting for nature conservation areas. Better signposting for geological sites.
Applying for Geopark status.
Preventing invasive alien species and ensuring adequate resources.
Preparing reservations for new nature conservation areas for the City Plan.
Taking valuable ecosystem service areas and biodiversity areas into account in the City Plan.
Ecological compensation together with climate emission compensation.



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