6. Environmental counselling and citizens' opportunities for participation

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6. Environmental counselling and citizens' opportunities for participation

In 2018, citizens of Lahti participated in the land use planning and commented on it. A total of 32 land use planning-related events were arranged for citizens of Lahti, with approximately 2,000 participants. Opportunities for participation were actively communicated through traditional means and social media alike. Many of the events could be followed through live tweets or video.

In spring, shopping centres around Lahti arranged a series of events called My Everyday Places and Travel Experience. At these events, 350 residents of Lahti described their travel as well as their experience of the everyday environment. In addition, over 500 residents of Lahti participated in a map survey. The information obtained has been used for the preparation of a draft City Plan and the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The information will also be available later for more detailed planning through the geographic information system.

In 2018, the CitiCAP project arranged 17 events and three surveys. A total of 2,047 Lahti citizens were reached through the events and surveys. To invite citizens to participate, the organisers went to various everyday places, such as public transport vehicles, libraries and grocery stores. At the events, the organisers listened to citizens’ views to find out what they were willing to do to reduce their personal carbon footprint. A further objective was to survey factors that might prevent citizens from performing pro-environmental acts. This information was used in the development of the Kulkukauppa emission trade pilot.

In 2018, events for residents were also arranged on themes such as additional construction projects in Lahti city centre, improvement of the Rakokivi shopping centre and planning of the new Ranta-Kartano area. Participants in the events were also asked about measures to adapt to climate change. The Siisti biitsi (‘Clean beach’) event on Enonsaari in May was arranged to clean the island’s shores of plastic waste to prevent it from turning into microplastics.

Environmental education was continued in schools and day care centres. Geology theme was highlighted in the Geopark project, especially in kindergartens. As a result of the environmental education projects carried out by the project personnel, the number of children reached increased by approximately 45 per cent from the previous year. Altogether, environmental counselling physically reached 14,180 people in 2018 through various events.

PHJ and the Lahti 4H Association arranged composting courses in spring 2018.


2019 Number of environmental advice-related resident events

Number of events53615241577579678992114180178179102100101100


2019 Number of environmental advice-related events for children

Events for children136117158207289


Number of children reached by the Environmental Counselling

Lahti region275018515972369272826612049253621193941265236023197466048237000


2019 Number of events for residents related to land use planning



2019 Satisfaction percentage in resident questionnaires, Technical Services

Satisfactory %72,37061524168676768686667656971716970


Future plans and challenges
Increasing the environmental know-how and responsibility of residents and the city personnel, particularly in climate issues.
Open data and the associated opportunities.
Supporting residents’ activity.
Informing people about good examples.
Applying UNESCO Geopark status



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