This is a joint environmental review for Lahti and Hollola. Many of the indicators have been monitored regionally for a long time, and this long-term data provides a good perspective into our development. Highlighting future goals and challenges makes it easier to address and monitor them.

The environment is a very relevant theme in many ways. This was particularly emphasised before the Finnish parliamentary elections that were held in April. This theme is also relevant because, for the third time, Lahti is one of the finalists running for the Environmental Capital of Europe. Should Lahti be the successful candidate, various measures will be implemented across a broad area. The decisions made during the spring will introduce discounts on season and value tickets on local buses for children, young people and students, also encouraging young people to use public transport.

Strategically important MAL (land use, housing and transport) negotiations with the Finnish government were carried out in 2018. The land use, housing and transport agreement stands at the core of sustainable development and the negotiations are important for the entire Päijät-Häme region.

A particularly positive development in this review period was the end of the growth of electricity consumption. In the future, we should increase the recycling rate and adopt a circular economy, which can be challenging.

Clean air, groundwater, lakes, rivers and forests are important for Lahti and Hollola alike. The climate change challenges all players at the individual and collective levels to take action. Collaboration in these matters of essential importance will continue in the future.

Mayor Pekka Timonen Mayor Päivi Rahkonen



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